‘Because This Is My First Life’ Episode 10, Lee Min Ki Needs to be Aware of Jung So Min’s Feelings

‘Because This Is My First Life’ shows Jung So Min who has a serious feeling towards Lee Min Ki. On the 7th of Monda-Tuesday drama episode 10, depicted Yoon Ji Ho’s (Jung So Min) feelings for her husband through a contract marriage, Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki).

Ji Ho was touched by Se Hee who has lost money and time to save herself who was exposed to danger. Ji Ho also felt touched with the words ‘we’ which he often says. Ji Ho even sent a message to her friends, “I like someone. My husband” expressed her heart honestly. But as a person of great individuality, Se Hee tried not to hurt Ji Ho.

Ji Ho showed an enchanted expression when she saw Se Hee’s hair and appearance from behind. “Loving someone means a word hovering. Even the back of his hair looks cool”, Ji Ho said to herself. Ji Ho always remembers Se Hee’s words “One love is enough for eternity”.


Image Source : tvN

Se Hee once said something about Ji Ho to Yeon Bok Nam, “She is a good defender” but Se Hee meant that he admires Ji Ho because she is the first tenant that he respects and performs her duty well, so Ji Ho was a bit disappointed.

Ji Ho came to Se Hee’s parents’ house and did chores as a good daughter-in-law, but she received 100,000 won from Se Hee for working. Ji Ho was annoyed with Se Hee’s money and has a bad feeling. Finally Ji Ho said, “It’s very lacking. I want you to pay me not with money, but with something. Pay with work. Go to my house and do the same job. This week my family will make kimchi.”

Image Source : tvN

In the preview of the next episode, there are scenes where Se Hee and Ji Ho kissing.Their relationship increases viewers expectations.