‘Untouchable’ Jin Goo and Jung Eun Ji Got Soaked and Had An Unusual Meeting

‘Untouchable’ released still-cuts of Jin Goo and Jung Eun Ji. The photo shows a dark beach and a wet appearance of them. JTBC’s new drama ‘Untouchable’ is a well-made action depicting the feud between the members of Jang’s family. It tells about Jang Joon Su’s second son trying to reveal his family’s evil against his wife’s death and the first son named Jang Ki Su who became vicious in order to survive.

Image Source : JTBC

Jin Goo acts as Jang Joon Su’s second son against his family’s ugly truth. While Jung Eun Ji plays as Seo Yi Ra, a new family member. Seo Yi Ra is the junior of Jang Joon Su’s dead wife, both of whom will unite to reveal the death of his wife caused by Jang’s family. Still-cuts of the first encounter between Jin Goo and Jung Eun Ji were revealed.

Inside the still-cut, Jin Goo and Jung Eun Ji stand in the middle of a dark and deserted beach. As if looking like a person just getting out of the sea, Jin Goo and Jung Eun Ji are soaking wet. We can feel the water flowing from all over Jin Goo and Jung Eun Ji’s body. Both warmed themselves by lighting a fire. What background causes the event to happen make viewers curious.

Image Source : JTBC

‘Untouchable’ party revealed, “The scene shows one of Jung Eun Ji’s attempts to help Jin Goo reveal his family’s mischieves. Please look forward to Jin Goo and Jung Eun Ji fight against Jang’s family.”

‘Untouchable’ will premiere on the 24th replacing ‘The Package’.