Im Si Wan’s New Movie ‘The Merciless’ is Invited to Cannes Film Festival

The 70th Cannes International Film Festival has invited 5 Korean figures to attend their event, which are director Bong Joon Ho (Okja), director Hong Sam Soo (Claire’s Camera and After That), actor Kim Ok Bin (Evil Woman), also actors Seol Gyung Goo dan Im Si Hwan (The Merciless).

Image source: KSTAR

One of many Acting Idols that is invited to Cannes International Film Festival is Im Si Hwan. His movie, which received the invitation to Cannes International Festival is titled The Merciless. Seol Kyung Goo, Im Si Hwan’s costar said, “This movie was not made for the purpose of Cannes, but of course this is such a great news. I’ve received the invitation personally a long time ago, and it’s such an honor to be able to present our movies there.”

Image source: KSTAR

Im Si Wan also expressed his happiness for getting invited to the event. “I was not sure about the invitation, but then I heard the confirmation. I think this will be a really great experience. Whether this will be a great turning point in my life, I honestly don’t know, but I truly cannot wait for it. It makes me terribly happy,”

“This is my first action movie, so I practiced a lot. I had to do many difficult scenes, thus I worked out a lot. The hardest thing to do was holding off of alcohol and… Well, nothing beside reducing my alcohol intake, and of course working out,” said Im Si Hwan about The Merciless.

Im Si Wan and Seol Kyung Goo’s movie will be released in May.