Girls’ Generation Sunny Has 2.5 Billion Won Apartment with Han River View

Sunny Girls’ Generation for the first time showed her apartment.

In the EChannel show, DRAMAcube ‘I Send Myself To You’ which aired on November 9 showed Sunny exchanging her daily life with actress Ha Jae Sook.

Image Source : E Channel

On the episode, Sunny showed her life for the first time after making her 10-year debut. Sunny decided to stay with Sogeum and chose not to offend the other members. Sin Dong Yeop asked whether Sunny is happy to live alone, “Sogeum is happy but I feel a bit lonely” she said.

Ha Jae Sook visited Sunny’s house in Seongdong-gu and felt very impressed. She can see the view of the Han River through the living room window.

Shin Dong Yeob said, “This is the first time you have lived independently since the debut 10 years ago.” Sunny replied, “Right. I originally lived near Cheongdam-dong. For 10 years. All the life lessons are there. Companies, salons and gyms are near there and I think it’s better to separate places to work as well as a place to rest”, she explained.

Image Source : E Channel

Sunny’s Apartment is a new apartment located in Seongdong-gu, Seoul with selling prices ranging from 2.2 billion – 2.7 billion Won. These apartments are categorized as luxury apartments with an average selling price of 2.45 billion Won.

Meanwhile, the E Channel DRAMAcube ‘I Send Myself To You’ is a show where two people live life in turns that have never experienced for 100 hours. During the filming, guest stars changed their lifestyles, including homes, hobbies, daily life, food, fashion, family, and work.

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