Will ‘Why Secretary Kim’ be able keep its popularity?…The long awaited tvN newest drama ‘Wife that I Know’ Ji Sung x Han Ji Min

Now the netizen’s interests on tvN newest drama ‘Wife that I Know’ has increasing.

tvN’s newest drama entitled ‘Wife that I Know’ will be replacing the currently airing drama ‘Why Secretary Kim’.

‘Wife that I Know’ tells a love story of a married couple whose fate changed because of one choice in life. Since this drama has been polished to gives off the perfect sense of reality to the viewers, it is expected that the viewers will be able to feel both its satisfying empathy and romance.

image source: tvN

Furthermore, the meeting between Ji Sung and Han Ji Min who is known as the goddess of love that has returned to the small screen after three years of absent is indeed worth to wait.

According to PD Lee Sang Yeob, “Ji Sung and Han Ji Min created emotions and amazing chemistry in just one glance. We are trying so hard to live up each characters and the chemistry between the two of them helps us to give the sense of real-life couple” he said.

image source: tvN

Meanwhile the love story of ‘Wife that I Know’ will replace ‘Why Secretary Kim’ and it will air for the first time in 1st of August at 9pm.