Forget about the Grim Reaper… ‘Life’ Lee Dong Wook, let go of the fantasy and face the reality… First broadcast today

Lee Dong Wook will return to the small screen through the role of Ye Jin Woo, a specialist in an emergency center through the JTBC newest drama ‘Life’. Through this drama, he will show a different charm that is completely the opposite of his cold and lonely character in ‘Goblin’ that ended in January last year.

Black Symbol, the cold and dark fantasy-like ‘The Grim Reaper’.

image source: tvN, JTBC

Lee Dong Wook instead of being cold will show his warm consolation to those people who passed away and he will definitely be able to make the viewers heart racing yet touched at the same time. Lee Dong Wook that has been known for his unique character as the cold grim reaper is now showing a different and lovely side of him.

White Symbol, Ye Jin Woo the emergency center specialist that is more realistic than others.

image source: JTBC

Ye Jin Woo is not a very talented man nor brilliant. He is just an ordinary doctor who always does his best to save his patients. He seldom showing his true intentions and is completely different than most people who works in the hospital. Then he started to make a turning point as the new director of the hospital appeared along with the mysterious case.

image source: JTBC

Lee Dong Wook has raised a lot of questions from the viewers about his character, Ye Jin Woo who will show a completely different 180 degrees the opposite of his character in ‘Goblin’. Lee Dong Wook has gained the viewers’ attention through his way on playing each of his character in every movie with his own color. This is probably the reason why Lee Dong Wook’s character in ‘Life’ has become the talk of the town. This drama will air for the first time in 23rd july at 11pm local time.