‘Because This Is My First Life’ Episode 11, Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min’s Kiss at the End of the Episode

Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min ‘Because This Is My First Life’ are finally trying to ensure each other’s feelings. With a beach background in the countryside, their kissing scene makes viewers’ hearts pounding.

On the 13th, in Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Because This Is My First Life’ episode 11, Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) visited Yoon Ji Ho’s house (Jung So Min) at the countryside to make kimchi.

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Nam Se Hee missed the company’s monthly meeting for the first time. His office friends responded and understood Se Hee’s difficult life. That’s because he will skip the company dinner to make Kimchi for the winter. Nam Se Hee went to Nam Hee and made Kimchi with people around.

He was hysically and mentally tired. But since this is his promise to a contract marriage, he still has to do it. When Se Hee was feeling tired, Yoon Ji Ho came after him. Yoon Ji Ho worried about Nam Se Hee and immediately finished her work at the cafe to visit him.

Image Source : tvN

Nam Se Hee smiled at Yoon Ji Ho for her unexpected visit. Nam Se Hee was eager to confirm his feelings for Yoon Ji Ho. Therefore he asked, “You come because of me?” Without saying a word, Yoon Ji Ho just nodded.

Their feelings deepened. Different qualities and feelings are getting closer. Yoon Ji Ho read a letter from Nam Se Hee’s ex-lover, she felt sorry for it and could not hide her growing feelings. So it is with Nam Se Hee.

Both of them talked accompanied by the sea and the waving waves. Nam Se Hee talked about what Yoon Ji Ho did at the bus stop was not a real kiss. Suddenly Se Hee kissed her.

In the drama, Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min are passive towards each other. When it is close enough, then there is a distance that keeps them away. At last their hearts began to unite. Wedding contracts are an important element in managing relationships that make them feel far away, but this episode indicates a love story will begin.

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