Yongpyong Resort, The Beautiful Panorama in Filming Location of tvN ‘Goblin’

The drama Goblin has become phenomenal. Everyone fell in love with this drama including the OSTs and the filming location. Every scene from the start to finish always shows beautiful visuals. Currently the location of Goblin filming becomes a tourist destination. One of the goblin shooting places that should not be forgotten is Yongpyeong Resort!

The beautiful scenery covered by snow is what everyone wants .. !! A real winter, with amazing views! Yongpyeong Resort seems to be promoted as a winter holiday destination.

Image Source : tvN

The scene when Eun Tak climbed the gondola was shot in Yongpyeong Resort. If we try to ride the gondola, the beautiful scenery will be seen !! He said, the scene when in a ski rental shop, snowy road, and gondola filming at Yongpyeong Resort.

It looks like this place will be popular as winter destination.

Image Source : tvN

In every place, it will feature an impressive visual with an amazingly beautiful natural panorama. Especially near Yongpyeong Resort, where Goblin shoot, there is one interesting place. That place is Woljeongsa forest! Snowflakes are spreading beautifully in spruce trees that have spaced stems. Eun Tak and Goblin walked in the middle of the forest. Things that can only be done when winter, will make us stunned.

Image Source : tvN

Especially on this scene. Many are wondering which country they use for filming this scene

Apparently the place is Yongpyeong Resort. In Korea there is a place with beautiful scenery that is used for the shooting location of Goblin. Luckily Goblin took the filming with this beautiful scenery. Yongpyeong Resort, the location of the Goblin shoot, became an enchanting winter resort. We can enjoy beautiful scenery and skiing. Having a winter trip to Yongpyeong Resort must be fun.