Shin Ha Kyung dan Do Kyung Soo’s Bromance in ‘Room No. 7’

Shin Ha Kyun and Do Kyung Soo show unique Bromance. The two met as owners of DVD rental venues and part-time students in the movie ‘Room No. 7 ‘. From the trailer alone, their chemistry is amazing.

“We often quarrel, but this chemistry will not be broken because of mutual secret”, revealed Shin Ha Kyung. Even Do Kyung Soo said their chemistry is like Tom and Jerry. “If you think about bromance, you’ll remember a close friendship. But we’ll see a chemistry that feels like Tom and Jerry”, Kyung Soo said.

In the movie ‘Room No.7’ Shin Ha Kyun and Do Kyung Soo show a new appearance. The movie will be released on November 15.