Director Shin Won Ho’s Muses Will Appear On The TV Screen Every Day

Director Shin Won Ho who has successfully created the series ‘Reply’ will return with a new drama titled ‘Prison Playbook’. Previously, Jung Eun Ji, Go Ah Ra, and Hyeri were the female leads of the series ‘Reply’ which later became new rising stars with their acting skills. Currently, Go Ah Ra is starring in OCN ‘Black’ while Hyeri and Jung Eun Ji will each return with a new drama. Krystal will become Shin Won Ho’s new muse.

Image Source : OCN

Go Ah Ra plays in the drama ‘Black’ which carries the mystery thriller genre and she plays the role of Kang Ha Ram, the woman who can see the shadow of death. After ‘Reply 1994’ it’s hard to see Go Ah Ra’s work going through the box office, but she tried the genre for the first time and started leading with a more developed acting skill. Go Ah Ra earned a good reputation for her silly acting ability.

Shin Won Ho’s first Muse is Jung Eun Ji who will play in new drama ‘Untouchables’ as a female prosecutor. Jung Eun Ji is captivated by the success of Jang Joon Su (Jin Goo) and will uphold justice that is different from the characters she once played before.

Image Source : KBS, MBC

Hyeri will also play in the drama ‘Two Cops’ which replaces ’20th Century Boy and Girl’ as a journalist named Song Ji Ahn. This fantasy investigation drama brings her to work with the detective Cha Dong Tak (Jo Jung Suk). The producers said, “Through ‘Two Cops’ we can see another appearance from Hyeri.”

Image Source : tvN

Expectations for Shin Won Ho’s new muse, Krystal are getting higher. Krystal looks natural when playing in Monday-Tuesday tvN drama ‘Bride of Water God 2017’ and this time she will play in Wednesday-Thursday drama tvN ‘Prison Playbook’ as Ji Ho. The relationship between Ji Ho, a passionate student and Kim Je Hyuk (Park Hae Soo) makes viewers curious. In this winter of the year, Shin Won Ho’s muses will appear on the screen. How do these muses show new characters? The appearance of Jung Eun Ji, Go Ah Ra, and Hyeri is increasingly anticipated.