Korean Stars Sent Their Prayer After Pohang Earthquake

Korean entertainers are worried about the 5.5 scale Richter earthquake that occurred in Pohang, Gyeongbuk-gung. Seolhyun AOA on the 15th wrote on her SNS about the earthquake that made the SAT university entrance exam pending for 1 week, “I heard SAT is delayed for a week, but I hope you all safe.”

Lee Chun Ah also wrote in his SNS “The earthquake in Pohang … .I was surprised to see the news. Hopefully not many are injured.” Junho 2PM also expressed his concern at SNS,” Please be careful with the damage caused by the earthquake. May there be no great damage and everyone is safe.”

Image Source : Max Movie, Luxury

Yoon Kyun Sang sent a message to the emergency disaster along with a photo that read, “Do not be afraid”. Lee Min Hyuk BTOB also wrote “I hope no damage caused by the earthquake … be careful.”

On the same day, there was an award ‘Asia Artist Awards 2017’ and the earthquake disaster mentioned by several stars. Park Hae Jin as the best actor winner conveyed, “Before giving a response, I hope there is no devastating damage caused by the earthquake.” MAMAMOO conveyed, “May people not be affected by harm from earthquakes.”

Image Source : Sure, iMagazine

Monsta X who won best entertainment award delivered, “First, I hope there is no damage caused by the earthquake.” Many stars expressed sadness and hope there is no major damage and injury due to the earthquake.

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