‘Untouchable’ Go Joon Hee ‘The Daughter of Former President’ VS Jung Eun Ji ‘An Attorney’

JTBC’s latest Friday-Saturday drama ‘Untouchable’ drew attention by releasing still-cuts of a secret meeting full of tension between Go Joon Hee (Goo Ja Kyung) the daughter of former president and Jung Eun Ji (Seo Yi Ra) an innocent prosecutor. Go Joon Hee plays ‘Goo Ja Kyung’, the daughter-in-law of Jang’s family and daughter of former president, Jung Eun Ji plays ‘Seo Yi Ra’ which is a member of Jang’s family and a prosecutor. In this drama, Jung Eun Ji is someone who should have a familiarity with people having power if they want to succeed. Therefore, Jung Eun Ji who wants to hold a row of power met with Goo Ja Kyung, the daughter of a former president who is in the center of power.

Image Source : JTBC

In the released still-cuts, Go Joon Hee looks sad and sits alone. Jung Eun Ji looks uneasy about the appearance of a middle-aged man who does not feel uneasy in front of her, and she knows that it is a difficult situation for Jung Eun Ji. While in other photos, Go Joon Hee looks a little smile that suggests the situation more interesting. The social status between Jung Eun Ji and Go Joon Hee is very different.

In addition to the confrontation between Jang Joon Seo (Jin Goo) the second son of Jang family and Se Jang Ki (Kim Sung Kyun) the eldest son of Jang’s family, Go Joon Hee who is the daughter of the former president is expected to face conflicts.

Image Source : JTBC

Meanwhile, ‘Untouchable’ tells of a man named Jang Joon Seo (Jin Goo) who lost his wife for a lifetime and lives among a wrecked family and Jang Ki Seo (Kim Sung Kyun) who became a villain in his life. The drama will begin airing on (24/11) at 11 pm replacing the drama ‘The Package’.