Celebrities Winter Fashion at The Premiere of ‘Room No.7’

What kind of winter fashion that is currently trending among celebrities? Let’s check out the premiere of the movie ‘Room No.7’ starring Shin Ha Kyun and Do Kyung Soo. We can see the fashion of the celebrities.

Go Joon Hee, is certainly a fashionista who showcased sexiness with chic charm wearing blouse and skirt that show the shape of her beautiful legs. Sexy Queen Uhm Jung Hwa wore an oversized jacket and a turtle neck denim with Manishiku style.

Lee El also looked casual with a long black coat and jeans. SHINee’s key came with winter fashion wearing black skinny jeans and a leather brown jacket. Do Young, Tae Yong, Jae Hyun and Johnny NCT ​​127 came to support seniors from the same agency, Do Kyung Soo.

Do Kyung Soo would be very sad If EXO member did not come to. Xiumin, Chen, and Sehun came to the cinema and encouraged him. They attract the attention of women with their shining appearance. We can see celebrities fashion at the premiere of ‘Room No.7’. The movie ‘Room No. 7’ who gets support from fashionable celebrities was released on the 15th.