Chanyeol Motivates Fans Taking University Entrance Exam, “If you get perfect scores, I will take you to eat with me”

“If you can get perfect scores, I will take you to eat with me”

EXO Chanyeol supports fans who take the university entrance exam.

On the 22nd, Chanyeol uploaded a photo via his personal Instagram with the caption, “It’s been a year since I uploaded this post !! Time really goes so fast huh? Tomorrow is the day that the students have prepared, the university entrance exam day!!”
Last year, even years earlier, Chanyeol also gave support to students who took university entrance exam.

Image Source : Vivi Magazine, Instagram

This year Chanyeol also gave support to his fans, “Did you prepare well? You must think you are still lacking, tomorrow is the end for all that has been prepared so far !! As I said last year, for today and tomorrow, just believe in and calm your heart, hope you guys can do the exam well!!”

Next he added, “After this year’s university entrance exam is over, I want to take those who get good grades to eat with me … Fighting !! ♥ ”

Meanwhile, the university entrance exam 2018 will be held simultaneously on the 23rd at 8 am.