‘I’m Not A Robot’ Yoo Seung Ho Covers His Whole Body to Protect Himself From Human

MBC’s new drama ‘I’m Not A Robot’ released still-cuts of Yoo Seung Ho dressed in all-black and equipped with weapons.

In ‘I’m Not A Robot’ Yoo Seung Ho plays Kim Min Kyu who has a perfect appearance from top to bottom but has an allergy to humans. That’s why he wears masks and gloves to avoid human as best he can. The appearance of Yoo Seung Ho with a weapon to avoid reaction to his allergy gives a sense of curiosity for viewers. His sharp eye gaze cannot be hidden even in all-black costume, and he’s still able to captivate female viewers.

Image Source : MBC

Through this work, Yoo Seung Ho transforms into a figure of Min Kyu who is allergic to human. Not only that, Yoo Seung Ho also tried acting in a romantic comedy for the first time. Audience expectations of his charm in romantic comedy are increasing day by day.

‘I’m Not A Robot’ tells the love story of a man who never dating but he meets a female robot and falls in love. The drama is directed by PD Yeon Chul who directs drama ‘She Was Pretty’ and ‘W’ as well as written by Kim Sun Mi and Lee Sun Joon.

Image Source : MBC

‘I’m Not A Robot’ gained a great interest as it combines the robot theme with the romantic comedy genre. This drama will premiere on December 6th.