Yoona, Lee Sung Kyung and Park Shin Hye’s Secrets to Beautiful and Flawless Skin

Yoona, Lee Sung Kyung and Park Shin Hye have clean and bright skin. They have such a beautiful skin which is usually the image of a woman.

The perfect skin without flaw makes many people envious. What do the actresses do to keep their skins stay healthy and flawless?

Yoona -Light Makeup

Image Source : Innisfree

Yoona uses ‘moisture treatment’ as a way to keep her skin flawless. She uses moisturizing products to keep her skin healthy and wears light makeup only with foundation, mascara, and blouse.

Celebrities often experience dry skin conditions due to strong light during photos and are often in ac-cars while on the go. Water cream is an effective product of a cream that effectively removes skin keratin, so let’s get rid of keratin with an exfoliating product that does not cause irritation in one or even twice a week.

Lee Sung Kyung – Water

Cleansing skin is considered to be one of the basic skin care of the actress. Lee Sung Kyung uses moisturizing cream to clean the skin into 2 types that can be used for summer or winter.

He uses cream in the day and night to moisturize the skin. If moisture cannot be maintained with water cream, use a mask or sheet mask to provide moisture and nutrients to the skin.

Image Source : Leneige

Park Shin Hye – Deep Cleansing

Image Source : Mamonde

The most important thing is to make sure the residue of makeup on the skin is wiped clean. Park Shin Hye is known to cleanse the skin and take care of the skin during shooting waiting time. It is important not to choose an irritant cleanser and can finish cleansing the skin in a short time because it can cause the skin to lose moisture.

Park Shin Hye cleans the makeup by choosing a pack product that matches her skin condition and does it as posh as possible. However, the pack will have a bad effect on the skin if it is too long to use, so you should lift it slowly after 5-10 minutes.