Go Ara Gives Presents For 100 Staffs of The Drama ‘Black’

Actress Go Ara gave a warm winter present for 100 of the ‘Black’ shooting staffs. Go A Ra gives coats to 100 staffs.

In this winter, Go Ara prepares coats as gifts for the staff who fought day and night on set, Go Ara gives coats directly to the exhausted staff and shows a warm atmosphere.

Image Source : SNS


In the drama OCN ‘Black’, Go Ara plays Kang Ha Ram as a woman who can see death. Go A Ra is a beautiful and hard-working actress in this drama until she has been evaluated and declared as an actress who made a successful transformation in a different genre.

Moreover in the episode (19/11), Go Ara was stabbed with a knife by Woo Hyun (Wang Yong Chun) who shocked viewers because this situation allowed Kang Ha Ram to be killed thus strengthening expectations of this week’s broadcast.

As the meeting progresses, the mysteries of prediction of death become hot topics and viewers can watch the drama on OCN every Saturday-Sunday at 22.20 KST.

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