EXO’s Suho Starring in Japanese Remake Drama ‘Rich Man Poor Woman’

Member of idol group EXO, Suho was selected as the main actor in the remake drama of Japan’s popular drama series ‘Rich Man Poor Woman’.

Suho will act in 16 episodes of ‘Rich Man Poor Woman’ which is scheduled to air in the first half of next year. The original drama of the same name has been aired on Japanese TV channel FUJI TV at 21:00 in 2012 and got an audience rating of 13%.

Image Source : STAR1, FUJI TV

In addition to getting the burden of popularity that the original drama has earned, there are some Japanese dramas that have been remake in Korea that makes Suho more burdened.

Original drama such as ‘Late Night Restaurant’, 2015 ‘Naeil’s Cantabile’, 2014 ‘The Suspicious Housekeeper’, 2013 ‘Second To Last Love’ gained much popularity in its home country, but after a remake in Korea they did not meet expectations.

Rich Man Poor Woman also gained a lot of attention in its home country.

However, the greater the popularity of the original drama, the greater the burden for the remake drama. Suho has a chance to show his talent as an actor.

Production company I HQ said, “Suho fits the image of the main character”, he said.

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