Lee Sung Kyung’s Party Is Still Discussing The Offer from ‘About Time’

Actress Lee Sung Kyung is reviewing the tvN drama ‘About Time’. On the 27th, YG Entertainment revealed, “We did accept an offer to star in the drama ‘About Time’. We are discussing the drama.” ‘About Time’ is a romantic magical fantasy drama that tells of a man with a disadvantaged fate to see other people in their lives and the man who stopped the woman. Lee Sung Kyung got an offer to portray Choi Michaela, a professional musical actor.

If Lee Sung Kyung confirms playing in ‘About Time’, this will be her work after ‘Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju’. The ‘About Time’ cast line-up will be announced shortly. ‘About Time’ is directed by PD Kim Hyung Sik who once created works like ‘Sign’, ‘Phantom’ and ‘Secret Door’. Kim Hyung Sik also directed the drama tvN ‘Twenty Again’.

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