Park Shin Hye Completes ‘Philippines Shin Hye Center’ Support Learning Center

Park Shin Hye’s ‘Philipine’s Shin Hye Center’ has completed. On the 30th, Park Shin Hye’s agency Salt Entertainment delivered the news of Shin Hye’s Center in the Philippines that was done through starlight angel Park Shin Hye project.

The ‘Starlight Angels Project’ is a long-term project started by Park Shin Hye and Salt Entertainment with fans around the world through Kia’s steps since 2012 to help children who are living in difficult neighborhoods. Through the ‘Starlight Angels Project’, following ‘Ghana’s Shinhye Center’ in 2013 December is a multipurpose educational support center completed in September.

Park Shin Hye, who has contributed to fan meeting every fan every year, has supported the Korean children’s learning process through Happy Home School, a local children’s learning center run by Kia. Last May, Hwado Happy Home School’s children’s learning center, located in Namyang-ju, Kyeonggi-do, held business support. Now the kids can develop their dreams in a clean and comfortable place.

The agency said, “Thanks to the fans of the world who participated in the ‘Starlight Angels Project’ and made it a useful facility, we are truly grateful for your interest and kindness.”

Park Shin Hye acts as Choi Hee Jung’s lawyer in the movie ‘Silence’.


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