‘Prison Playbook’ Episode 4, Park Hae Soo’s Retirement Declaration with Twist Ending Home Run

tvN’s latest Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Prison Playbook’ episode 4 on (30/11), featuring Je Hyeok (Park Hae Soo) announcing his retirement and delivering a surprising twist.

In the past, Je Hyeok could not catch baseball balls with his left hand because there are nerve problems. So, he made a letter of application as a guarantee of doing ‘medical care outside’.

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The head of medical care said, “It’s like nerve damage. If you go out and do an MRI, you’ll know the illness, “he said worriedly. When not accepting a proposal from the president director, it is difficult for him to get medical treatment.

He braked to go to the hospital and return to work in the carpentry. A nail attached to a wooden plant is struck to its head. This is a dangerous choice for outside treatments.

This is so much more serious that it is forced to undergo intensive treatment. “His shoulders are very bad. Can be recovered if rehabilitated for 2-3 years. Surgery is dangerous, “the result of diagnosis and pushed with ‘patience and effort’.

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Joon Ho (Jung Kyoung Ho) who does the treatment said, “Even if I punish the director of the prison, I will get training time so I can rehabilitate him unconditionally. I will restore your body fat,” instilling courage.

However, at the ending of this episode, Je Hyeok stopped standing in front of the camera, “I’ll leave baseball. My shoulder is seriously ill. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I am now not biased to continue playing baseball”, he said.

As you can see, Je Hyeok happened to hear the doctor’s story and the team at the hospital. The doctor declared his condition more serious than he had thought.

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“I have to try,” he said. Je Hyeok said to Joon Ho, “I’ll stop trying. I’m sick of trying. Symbol effort and perseverance. I cannot do it because it is in trouble. I think I can live well if I do not play baseball” declaring he would retire.

After the interview, Je Hyeok sent a message for his sister Je Hee (Lim Hwa Young). Through his letter he said, “My beloved sister, forgive me, it’s not your fault. Do not cry, or do not blame yourself because it’s not your fault. I will do the same thing when it happens again. Like everyone else,” he wrote.


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