BTOB Lee Chang Sub Successfully Finished His Musical Drama

Recently, a member of BtoB, Lee Chang Sub has successfully completed his musical drama. Last February, through ‘Boys over Flowers’, for the first time Lee Chang Sub tried to appear in a musical drama.

Image source: K STAR

Lee Chang Sub becomes the main actor in his first musical drama. He becomes the main character named Cheukhasa, a conglomerate who has a lot of money, not afraid of anything, and has a rough personality. Then he meets a woman named Cheukhusi. It is a musical drama which shows the process of a change in one’s heart.

Image source: K STAR

Because of his similarities with the character whom he is playing as, he feels like as if he is showing his own self. The fans and BtoB members, of course, support Lee Chang Sub’s musical drama. They said it was a good performance and Yook Sung Jae also said, “It’s good”. After completing the musical drama Lee Chang Sub will continue his activities with BtoB in Japan.