Lee Jong Suk Featured on The Cover of Hong Kong’s Magazine

Actor Lee Jong Suk shows the charisma of a Korean star.

Image Source : ELLEMEN

Fashion magazine ‘ELLE MEN Hongkong’ recently chose Lee Jong Suk as its magazine cover model for the December edition.

Lee Jong Suk poses in a tuxedo and tie. Lee Jong Suk draws public attention with his classy appearance as a model.

Image Source : ELLEMEN

While in other photos, Lee Jong Suk wore a patterned shirt with a brown leather jacket that showed his good looks. Wet hair adds to the look of being sexy.

Lee Jong Suk has just starred in the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ is a new SBS drama released. In the drama, Lee Jong Suk plays Jung Jae Chan as someone who struggles to stop a woman’s nightmare from coming true.


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