Fake Detective Yoon Gyun Sang VS Sexy Possessed Detective Cho Jung Seok, Who Will Be the Winner of Monday-Tuesday Drama Competition?

Actor Yoon Gyun Sang and Cho Jung Seok face each other with different criminal cases.

Yoon Gyun Sang and Cho Jung Seok show impressive performances in different dramas that both aired on November 27th. There is an interesting development of Oh Il Seung’s (Yoon Gyun Sang) life in SBS ‘Doubtful Victory’ and Cha Dong Tak (Cho Jung Seok) in MBC ‘Two Cops’. Viewers expect to see good performance from both.

Image Source : SBS

The first episode of the drama ‘Doubtful Victory’ quickly illustrates Kim Jong Sam’s escape process. Kim Jong Sam’s life in jail and now he has become a fugitive has been shown with spectacular action. Yoon Gyun Sang shows a unique presence as a hero by showing a stunt action with cars and underwater action.

Cho Jung Seok also showed an intense look on the first episode of ‘Two Cops’. All actions Cha Dong has no reason, including his attempt to reveal the truth of the death of a senior detective who is like his family. Cho Jung Seok conveyed various emotions from the human side and the professional spirit as a pleasant detective.

Image Source : MBC

The true identity of Kim Jong Sam and Cha Dong Tak has not been revealed. Kim Jong Sam works as a fake detective while living his life and Cha Dong Tak conducts an unexpected investigation with the stupidity of Gong Soo Chang (Kim Sun Ho). This is not the end of their stories. But the question on the basis of curiosity continues to grow.

As expected, Yoon Kyung Sang is planning to investigate Jin Jin Young as a fake detective.

In the past year, Cho Jung Seok showed his new appearance by acting as a professional criminal in the SBS drama ‘Jealousy Incarnate’. As a drama with a unique story that gets a lot of viewers, the drama makes audience curious about how the players reveal the story line in their dramas.


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