Winter Vacation to Kangwon-do, The Shooting Location of ‘Goblin’

‘Goblin’ has become the most popular drama of 2017. Yongpyeong Resort, Weoljungsa, and Jumunjin are the filming locations of Goblin, which become popular for Korea’s winter vacation destination. Moreover, this place is located in Kangwon-do which is also the place to hold Pyeongchang Winter Olympic 2018 (February 9 ~ February 25, 2018).
We can witness the beauty of Kangwon-do in winter from the drama ‘Goblin’ and make a lot of sweet memories during the vacation. To reach Yongpyeong Resort, we need 2 hours 30 minutes ride by car. If you get the chance to ride the gondola, you can see the sky and the roof of Mount Balwang for 20 minutes. The scene where Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun hugging was taken in this place.

Image Source: tvN

There is Woljeongsa forest which is 30 minutes away from Yongpyeong Resort. From this place, there is also Jumunjin that can be reached within 50 minutes by car. If we want to see the setting of the drama ‘Goblin’, Woljeongsa forest is highly recommended. It is a place where we can feel at ease and relax with the freedom of nature. The scene in Woljeongsa forest also became one of the popular scenes in the drama ‘Goblin’.

Image Source: tvN

“The time I spend with you shines. Because it’s a beautiful day, whether it is a bad day or a good day.” People who have not watched the drama ‘Goblin’ will feel the thrill of hearing Goblin’s dialogues and narration. Jumunjin is also where the Goblin drama took place. The scene where Gong Yoo gives her flower shawl and umbrella was taken there. Taking a photo just like the scene of Goblin with the background of blue sea and beautiful Jumunjin will be a wonderful experience.

Image Source: tvN
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