Lee Jong Suk and Poet Na Tae Joo’s Collaboration for Poem ‘Everyone Blame You’ Has Been Published

The collaboration of Lee Jong Suk and poet Na Tae Joo for the poem ‘Everyone Blames You’ has been published officially. The beginning of Lee Jong Suk and poet Na Tae Joon’s meeting is through the drama ‘School 2013’. Na Tae Joo poet entitled ‘Flower’ chose Lee Jong Suk as his ambassador.

Lee Jong Suk revealed, “When singing ‘Flower’, I think I just emit my emotions as an actor who also acts. Moments later, I was comforted to read Na Tae Joo’s poem. It was like a gift. I want to share this moment with others.”

Image Source : YG Entertainment

Lee Jong Suk directly chose the poetry chapter that popped into his mind among a number of Na Tae Joo’s poems and divided them into 5 chapters, arranging titles to suit each chapter. The chapter also includes some short poems about his emotions.

A poem entitled ‘Everyone Blame You’ is an ironic acknowledgment of love blamed by everyone, its excerpt reads ‘The rising sun is the rising moon, the flowers bloom and the grass is green, all that I feel beautiful is what happens to you’.

Lee Jong Suk participated in the DVD motive planning of a package with the book. ‘Everyone Blame You’ is an emotional poem that brings together Lee Jong Suk and poet Nam Tae Joo collaborating on narrative recording and video shooting of the poem.


Image Source : YG Entertainment

Meanwhile, the poem ‘Everyone Blame You’ can be purchased through online and offline on the upcoming 20th. Inside is a collection of poetry, DVD, and calendar-type poster. This book can be ordered online on the 4th at noon.