IU and Kang Daniel Are Placed 1st and 2nd As The Most Loved Idol Among Young Adults in 20s

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel was in second place for favorite teen idol among fans in their 20s. In first place there is IU. On the 19th, Gallup Korea announced the idol star rating favored by fans at the age of 10 – 20 years old.

Kang Daniel Wanna One got into second place. In third place is G-Dragon Big Bang, fourth-place is Irene Red Velvet and Taeyang Big Bang. Then followed by Nayeon TWICE, Jimin BTS, Zico Block B, Seolhyun AOA, SNSD Taeyeon, and Tzuyu TWICE.

Image Source : YMC, Big Hit, YG, SM Entertainment

IU is ranked first in the idol favored by teenagers aged 10-20 years and gets a lot of support. The top 10-year-old’s choice is Jimin BTS. While Kang Daniel ranked second among those aged 10-20 years old.

Meanwhile, IU is ranked first as a singer who shines in 2017. Jang Yoon Jung ranksedsecond, followed by BTS and Yoon Jong Shin. While Wanna One, EXO, Big Bang, Im Jang Jung, and Lee Sun Hee occupy positions 6 – 10.

At the age of 10 years BTS, 20 – 30 IU, and the age of 50 Jang Yoon Jung. Boys choose TWICE, while girls choose BTS, EXO, and Wanna One in the same score.

Image Source : Loen, YG Entertainment

In 2017, the song ‘Like It’ sung by Yoon Jong Shin was ranked 1st. ‘Through the Night’ and ‘Autumn Morning’ came in 2nd and 3rd. Then followed by Jang Yun Jung ‘Call the Seoul’, ‘Red Flavor’ Red Velvet, ‘DNA’ BTS, ‘Ahndong Station’ Jinsung, ‘TT’ TWICE ‘,’ Pick Me ‘Wanna One, and’ New Face ‘PSY.