‘The Sheriff in Town’ Press Conference

Flower boy stars gathered to support Lee Sung Min, Cho Jin Woong, Kim Sung Kyun on the premiere of ‘The Sheriff in Town’ movie.

Image source: K STAR

A lot of handsome came to support Cho Jin Woong. First of all, there’s Jung Woo Sung who greeted female fans. After that, Seo Kang Joon came with fellow members of 5URPRISE. Jang Hyuk came sporting an all-black style. Ryu Jun Yeol also attracted attention with his black shirt. However, the main guest who attracted female fans’ the most was actor Kim Soo Hyun. His appearance was the highlight of the event.

Image source: K STAR

‘The Sheriff in Town’ managed to get the first position on the box office three weeks after it was released, and it kept demonstrating its people power.