WASSUP Comes Back with ‘COLOR TV’

WASSUP are back with four members and a new project, ‘Color TV’. After re-organizing their team, WASSUP appears with a new formation, 4 members.

Image source: KSTAR

Asked about their 3 years hiatus, member Ji Ae said, “We had a very long break. We did not release an album for 3 years, so we filled the time by practicing hard, practicing various choreographies.” WASSUP is currently preparing an ambitious project called ‘Color TV’.

Image source: KSTAR

Wassup is scheduled to have a lot of singing and other activities, such as variety show and acting. “We will work harder to give our best performance on stage. We promise not to make fans feel disappointed or lonely. These are our new resolutions,” said WASSUP.

Let’s cheer for WASSUP’s new appearance with ‘Color TV’!