Song Ji Hyo Cries in Gary’s Last Filming of “Running Man”

The producer of SBS “Running Man” told the stories regarding Gary’s last filming of the program.


After the broadcast of Gary’s last “Running Man” episode on November 6th, the producer said that, “Gary tried so hard not to cry. He even said that he wanted to read the letters given to him alone because his eyes might be full of tears.”

The producer also mentioned that, “Although Song Ji Hyo did not cry much during the shooting itself, she cried a lot when the camera was off, as the entire staff went for dinner together.”


Meanwhile, the November 6th episode of “Running Man” focused on the missions regarding Gary, who had earlier announced to quit the program. The 6 members of “Running Man” besides from Gary went through hidden missions, and by the end of the episode, the “Running Man” members gave gifts and letters to Gary. They had a time to go over their memories and events that they went through together in “Running Man”. Song Ji Hyo cried in the end because of her “Monday Couple”’s departure.

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