‘Black Knight’ Episode 6, A Terrifying Ending When Seo Ji Hye Turned Into Shin Se Kyung

‘Black Knight’ managed to hypnotize audiences with a creepy ending.

In the episode 6 of KBS2’s newest Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Black Knight’ on December 21st, depicted Sharon (Seo Ji Hye) turning into Jung Hae Ra (Shin Se Kyung).

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In this episode, the story of Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won), Hae Ra, Sharon, and Baek Hee (Jang Mi Hee) was depicted. Myeong So (Kim Rae Won) became a victim of the fight and went into exile and Seo Rin (Seo Ji Hye) transforms her identity into Bun Ni (Shin Se Kyung). He was tortured and lost his voice, but he spent a great time in exile.

Seo Rin who sees this, burns his second house and he cursed Seo Rin into a demon who can go to the hereafter forever. As a result, Seo Rin has not died and is still alive today. Baek Hee is also a related person in this incident. Baek Hee is the first wife of the owner of the house, but she did not kidnap the child and adopted the child from her second husband’s husband, Seo Rin. Because of this, Baek Hee cannot die and still live to this day.

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Sharon was jealous of Soo Ho and Hae Ra and tried to approach Soo Ho by asking about the size of the shirt that was used as an excuse. But Soo Ho asked Sharon not to do in the future and she said that the person she likes is Hae Ra.

“I do not need money or honor, I just want to have love,” said Sharon who is emotionally longing for Soo Ho. Sharon who has the ability to turn into someone else if she has an interest took Hae Ra’s bracelet and turned into Hae Ra.

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The episode where Shin Se Kyung turned into Hae Ra who is cold and cynical, very contrary to the warm and cheerful Hae Ra figure who impresses the audience. Shin Se Kyung’s acting role in three roles is Hae Ra Bun Ni, and Hae Ra with the character Sharon shows an increase in her acting skill. Expectations also increase in the conflict of the three people who are evolving.