Song Hye Kyo x Song Joong Ki, “Casual & Loyal” attending friend’s celebration

Even after being top star, Song Joong Ki proved that he is a loyal friend by attending his friend’s celebration.

On 5th Febuary 2018, snapshots of Song Joong Ki visiting Doljanchi (first-born celebration) event of his friend in Cheonju is all over the internet.

Based on the witnesses, Song Jong Ki visited Cheongju to attend his friend’s Doljanchi event on 4th Febuary dan said that he is jealous by how loyal Song Joong Ki is to his friends.

image source: SC

In the photos and videos that some unknown sources posted, Song Joong Ki, wearing a dark shade colored hat, plain scarf and a long coat was standing in between the crowds.

At the end of the event, he showed his affection towards his friend by glancing at his friend’s child. This is not the first time Song Joong Ki proved himself that he is a loyal friend. When he was still in Army, he attended his friend’s weeding, actress Lee young Eun. Lee Young Eun then commented, “He is a very good friend. I didn’t get to tell him about my wedding but he called me and then he came to congratulate me, I’m so grateful to him”

image source: Song Hye Kyo Instagram

On the same day, Song Joong Ki’s Wife, Song Hye Kyo attracted a lot of netizen by posting the pictures of herself and her weekend activity. She boasted her beauty through her innocent and natural looking face while wearing a man’s shirt that made her fans’s hear fluttered.

Their fans also pay attention to Song Hye Kyo’s asualty and Song Joong Ki’s loyalty after the wedding.
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo started to date since KBS drama ‘Descendant of the sun’ and finally married on 31st October last year.

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