‘Master of Rom-Com’ Park Seo Joon, return with the role of 2nd generation Chaebol

Park Se Joon will play the lead role in the newest tvN drama.

Park Seo Joon took a role as Lee young Joon, the main lead of ‘Why Secretary Kim?’

Lee Young Joon is a good looking guy and the second generation of chaebol with bad temper and selfish personality.

image source: PlayNC, the OOZOO

It is said that Park Seo Joon has the perfect synchronization with the original character of this drama.

The webtoon ‘Why Secretary Kim?’ by Kim Myung Mee has become a huge success and very popular after getting more than 4.5 million views from its subscribers.

Park Joon Hwa, the PD of ‘Because this is my first life’ and ‘Lets’ eat’ also became the sparks in this drama.

image source: M Magazine

Actress Park Min Young is currently metioned as the most perfect candidate to play the role of Kim Min So, Lee Young Joon’s secretary for 9 years that slowly developed feelings towards him. Park Min Young is also known as the goddess of romantic acting and she is successfully gaining attention and make viewers wonder on how the chemistry between them.

Meanwhile, drama ‘Why Secretary Kim?’ is set to air on late may this year.