‘I Live Alone’ U-Know Yunho x Max Changmin, a different charms of soldiers

TVXQ U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin revealed their daily lives in MBC’s entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’ that aired on 23th of March.

Eventhough they have separately live for six years already, they never visited each other house and they’re unexpected have a different lifestyle and preferences.

Max Changmin has been the center of attention in the revolution of entertainment industry. He also showed the developments of himself through his cooking skills and others activities.

image source: MBC

Yunho gave off an image of self-love and energetic to his characters that he always shows on every programs he appeared on. He also showed his singing skills along with his doll while listening to TVXQ’s videos.

image source: MBC

Max Changmin is static meanwhile U-Know Yunho is very energetic.

Their houses are also different in some kin dof way. Max Changmin’s house look minimalist and futuristic meanwhile Yunho’s house is even more simple and unique that showed the difference of preferences in between the two and their own charms.

image source: MBC

After being aired, the reactions to TVXQ episode was a huge success. They still became the number one search on the internet after 12 hours and keep becoming a hot topic as the talk of the reruns of ‘I Live Alone’ spread around the internet.

The two showed their daily life that made the viewers interested. As the idol group who has debuted for 15 years, the two successfully create their characters but the different of their lifestyles and preferences has made not only their fans but also public curios about them.

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