‘6th Debut Anniversary’ Kim Go Eun, Behind the Scene… Sweet Refreshing Smile

BH Entertainment has just released a pictures of Kim Go Eun celebrating her 6th anniversary of her debut on 25th of April through its official website.

Kim Go Eun also stated “Thank you! I love you!” through her instragram.

image source: BH Entertainment

The pictures showed Kim Go Eun’s sharp profile and her sweet refreshing smile. She also looks adorable and lievely as she take a few shots wearing a simple black T-Shirt and jeans.

image source: BH Entertainment

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun started her debut in 2012 through a movie entitled ‘Eunkyo’ and afterwards she has appeared in various works whether its film or drama. She also gained a lot of attention through her role in popular drama ‘Cheese in the trap’ and ‘Goblin’ that turned out to be a successful drama.

Kim Go Eun will play the role of main lead named Seonmi in her newest movie entitled ‘Byun San /Mountain Byun’ that will be release by the first half of this year.