’Suits’ Jang Dong Gun, Park Hyung Sik, Sucessfuly gained loyal fans though the first 2 episodes

Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik has gained their true loyal fans.

According to Nielsen Korea on 27th of April, the second episode of KBS newest drama ‘Suits’ that aired yesterday successfully set a record of 7.4% viewer rating that exactly like its first episode (7.4%). Its popularity also surpasses SBS ‘Switch:Change the world’ and MBC ‘Let’s Hold Hands and watch Sunset’ that aired at the same time (5.3% & 6.3%).

image source: KBS

At the same time, Choi Kang Suk (Jang Dong Gun) sucessfuly escaped the crisis with the help of Go Yeon Woo (Park Hyung Sik. Choi Kang Suk was sued by one of the VIP Customer and was in danger of losing his senior partner. After realizing that the VIP Customer is the father of Park Jun Pyo, Choi Kang Suk made Go Yeon Wo pretended that he is a drug dealer and threated the VIP Customer to give up on the sue.

image source: KBS

Go Yeon Woo was trusted by Choi Kang Suk to defend a woman who was sexually harassed. Go Yeon Woo talked to the victim from heart to heart and then he got a lot of proof for the court. Go Yeon Woo later wn the case. The customer said to Choi Kang Suk that Go Yeon Woo is a good man and then Choi Kang Suk said, “if he is a bad guy, he wouldn’t be a lawyer” which later he gave him good advices.

image source: KBS

By the end of the episode, Go Yeon Woo was chased by two people who was ordered by Park Jun Pyo. When the situations gets real dangerous he uses his brain to fnd the way out.

Meanwhile KBS ‘Suits’ told a bromance story between the Korean legendary lawyer Choi Kang Suk (Jang Dong Gun) and a fake lawyer named Go Yeon Woo (Park Hyung Sik). This drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10pm (GMT+9).