‘New Late Night E News’ Ha Ji Won, her ideal type in men… “I’m interest to a man like Lee Seung Gi”

Actress Ha Ji Won revealed her ideal type that gained a lot of viewers attention.

In SBS show entitled ‘New Late Night E News’ that aired on 1st April, Ha ji Won was interviewed.

Regarding to her condition lately, she said “I am having fun with my friends and family. This a time for me to healing and later I would like to surprised my fans.” She said.

In fact, she played her new song with piano in her fanmeeting in Japan recently.

image source: SBS

“Aku begitu gugup dan tanganku gemetaran saat itu” ujarnya saat menceritakan perasaannya saat bermain piano dan bernyanyi.

Regarding this, she expressed, “I was really nervous and my hands were shaking” she said, revealing he rstory behind the piano performance.

In SBS ‘New Late E News’ Ha Ji Won said that she picked Lee Seung Gi and Park Seo Joon as her ideal type. “if there is an age differences that is good, I feel akward if we’re the same age.” And when asked about her ideal type, she explained, “I like a man who can make me laugh, healthy and who can give /cook me delicious food” she said.

image source: SBS

Previously she also explained about her newest movie with Director Oh Woo Sam entitled ‘ManHunt’. She said, “I did a lot of scenes for a few times. If the scene didn’t come out good then I’ll retake it again. I want this act to be perfect” she said.

About her skin care, she also said, “Laughing helps me keeping my skin healthy” that why she often spends her time happily with her family while drinking wine.

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