BTS RM · Jimin · Jung Kook, Chic-looking Boyfriend “V took the pictures?”

Members of Group BTS RM, Jimin and Jung Kook showed off their chic and natural atmosphere in the pictures that recently was released.

image source: BTS Twitter

Through the official social media of BTS, Kim Tae Hyung (V) posted three pictures in 24th of June with caption “The atmosphere is a pleasure to see #KimTaeHyung”.

image source: BTS Twitter

In the picture that was posted showed RM, Jimin and Jung Kook who were posing with the relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The pictures itself look like a pictorial and a pictograph that took the fans attention since the pictures were actually taken by the member V himself.

image source: BTS Twitter

Meanwhile, group BTS has gained a lot of popularity through their third album ‘Love Yourself ‘Tear’ that was released last 18th of Mei.

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