‘Wife that I know’ amazing chesmitry between Ji Sung and Han Ji Min, Unveiled its romantic poster

tvN’s newest drama ‘Wife that I Know’ that will air for the first time in August now adding the expectation and excitement to the viewers as it released its first poster that revealed the beautiful moment in between Ji Sung and Han Ji Min.

PD Lee Sang Yeob who has known for his skill in directing ‘Shopping King Louis’ will be working together with writer Yang Hee Sung who is known for ‘King of High School’, ‘Oh My Ghost’ and also ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’. The two who are known for their skill in romantic drama successfully casted Ji Sung and Han Ji Min and this drama is expected to be one of the popular dramas in 2018.

image source: tvN

The poster teaser that recently been released illustrated the romantic atmosphere of Ji Sung and Han Ji Min sming at each other. The romantic atmosphere in the poster showed off the blasting chemistry of Ji Sung and Han Ji Min that made the viewers heart race and gives off the sign of the birth of the romantic drama that will keep the viewers entertained.

image source: tvN

Now the viewers can’t help but wait for the meeting of Han Ji Min and Ji Sung in this drama. Han Ji Min will play the role of Cha Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung)’s wife named Seo Woo Jin. Cha Joo Hyuk works at the bank and because of unexpected thing that happened, he made a choice that will change the life of everyone around him including his wife in the present life. From the released poster, the two actors successfully captured the viewers attention starting from their visual to their acting ability. Their ability for realistic acting and their lovely visual are enough to make the viewers willing to wait for the drama.

Meanwhile, tvN’s newest drama entitled ‘Wife that I Know’ is set to air for the first time in August following ‘Why Secretary Kim’.