Let’s have a look at the recent still cuts of the soon-to-be released summer movie ‘On Your Wedding Day’!

The movie ‘On Your Wedding Day’ is the movie which Park Bo Young and Kim young Kwang are turning to a couple and expected to captured the viewers attention through the lovely visual and the perfect chemistry.

image source: Megabox

First, Park Bo Young in the still cuts that has been released recently seemed lovely as she played the role of Seung Hee who was still in her high school and she was trapped in the middle of the rain until she got covered by a man who captured her heart for the first time. Kim Young Kwang on the other hand in the still cuts seemed like a man who only sees Seung Hee as he always stares and looks at her with warm gaze just like what a boyfriend would do.

image source: Megabox

The still cuts also revealed their past as a high school student that gives off a refreshing and different atmosphere for the movie ‘On Your Wedding Day’.

image source: Megabox

This romantic movie ‘On Your Wedding Day’ will surely keep you entertain in your summer this year and it will be released in 22nd of August and this movie will surely remind us of our first love through the chemistry of the couple Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang.