‘Wife that I Know’ Jisung, The power of empathy + fun that captured the viewers heart

‘Wife that I Know’ Is once again shaking the home theater.

The second inning of tvN drama ‘Wife that I Know’ that aired yesterday revealed the daily life of a man named Cha Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung).

image source: tvN

Starting with the unusually busy morning, Joo Hyuk struggled to make it to work to be able to prevent making mistakes but he ended up getting nothing. He was stressed enough as he saw his game console was on the hand of his Wife, woo jin (Han Ji Min) which makes his days seemed to be endless unfortunate. Because of this series of bad things happened to him, he then let out his anger to Woo Jin and left the house without looking back.

image source: tvN

But the viewers were surprised at the consequences of him making wishes of something different in his life. Because Joo Hyuk finally realized that the reality has changed the moment he met his friend who are dead from the past and when he saw the scar in his wrists, he finally realized that everything has changed.

In order to turn back his fate, he tried to return to the place where he woke up and everything has changed but it turned out that he returned to the year of 2006 as he met Hye Won (Kang Han Nam, his first love and now she is the one staying next to his side instead of his wife, Woo Jin. Now the viewers are curios on how their story will be unfold in the next chapter.

image source: tvN

Through this, Jisung has conquered the home theater and made the viewers imagination runs wild. The viewers were left in awe with the picture of the harsh real life reality and they also waiting for the love story in this drama will be unfold.

Meanwhile, ‘Wife that I Know’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30pm local time.