‘Negotiation’ first villain role Hyun Bin vs Short-Hair Son Ye Jin, Many reasons to wait the movie

The movie ‘Negotiation’ has released a few still-cuts of its mvi ein 14th of August that showed the intense situation of the negotiation.

This movie is a crime-themed movie that tells a kidnapping crisis which the negotiator Ha Chae Yoon will begin a life and death negotiation to stop the worst kidnapping case that ever happened in Thailand by Min Tae Gu.

image source: CJ Entertainment

The kidnaping crisis that happened in Thailand was done by the international criminal named Min Tae Gu which is expected to hurt his victims and asked for a negotiation that up to what he wants.

image source: CJ Entertainment

Hyun Bin for the first time tried to play the role of a criminal and villain through the movie ‘Negotiation’ and he has transformed himself into the cruelest kidnapped for his character that adds the expectation of the viewers on his new appearance that was never seen before.

image source: CJ Entertainment

Meanwhile, Ha Chae Yoon, the negotiator of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agent is also known as the pro at negotiation as she keeps calm while struggling to stop the worst kidnapping case that ever happened in history.

image source: CJ Entertainment

In the movie ‘Negotiation’, Son Ye Jin will play the character of negotiator Ha Chae Yoon, which is the first negotiator character in Korean drama and she made a drastic change to herself by cutting her hair short to live up her character. The released pictures showed the intense situation when the negotiation and the war of nerves happened between the two main lead that made the viewers have high expectation on what kind of different charms and interesting story that the two of them will display through this movie.

This movie is set to be released in September.

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