‘A Taxi Driver’ Became The First ’10 Million Movie’ in 2017

Film ‘A Taxi Driver’ became the ’10 million movie’ this year. After last year’s ‘Train to Busan’, the film has sold more than 10 million sales. The film placed the 15th in Korean movies, and the 19th in domestic and foreign films. On the 22nd, to commemorate the breakthroughs of millions of times, they held the show ‘Appearances of Greetings for Millions of Times’. The movie actors of ‘A Taxi Driver’ went to the cinema and met  directly with their fans as well as said their grateful greetings.

However, Yoo Hae Jin and Ryu Joon Yeol could not come due to their tight schedule. Instead, the fans were together with the main actor [A Taxi Driver], Song Kang Ho. He expressed his gratitude to the fans who gave him a lot of support. In addition, Ryu Joon Yeol thanked them by posting “A Taxi Driver” poster containing the phrase “Thank You” through the SNS of his agency. ‘A Taxi Driver’  became the first 10 million movie in 2017!