“The talk of the town”… Drama ‘Mr.Sunshine’ Number 1, Lee Byung Hun x Kim Tae Ri x Yoo Yeon Suk in the 1,2 dan 3 positions of the best casts

This drama is recently become the talk of the town.

tvN drama ‘Mr.Sunshine’ has become the talk of the town among the viewers and it has secured its position in the first rank by August 20th.

Kim Tae Ri, Lee Byung Hun and also Yoo Yeon Suk is the main leads of the drama ‘Mr.Sunshine’ and they’ve secured the first, second and third position in the category of the best casts and has been the main attraction for the viewers for three weeks in consecutives.

image source: tvN

The second position after drama ‘Mr.Sunshine’ is none other than the JTBC drama ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ which is keeping its position for three weeks in consecutives meanwhile tvN drama ‘Wife that I Know’ went down from the third position to the fourth. The third position is now secured by SBS drama ‘Thirty but Seventeen’.

image source: tvN, JTBC, SBS, tvN

For the best cast performances, Cha Eun Woo secured the fourth position, Shin Hye Sun in the fifth, Im Soo Hyang in the sixth, Yang Se Jong in the seventh, Han Ji Min in the eight position and Ji Sung in the ninth position.

The next drama that entered the top 10 dramas are KBS ‘Lovely Horribly’, JTBC ‘Life’, OCN ‘Voice 2’, SBS ‘Dear Judge’, tvN ‘Let’s Eat 3’ and KBS ‘Let’s Live Together’.

image source: KBS, JTBC, SBS, tvN

The result of this survey was released in August 20th after the good day corporation which analyzed the articles, blogs and topics in online community responded to the 27 dramas that air from 13th of August to 19th of August.