Stars with the natural beauty number 2 is ‘Kim Tae Hee’, number 1 is?

Who are the line up of the most natural beauty in Korea? the KBS JOY unveiled the three top celebrity who is known for their natural beauty.

image source: InStyle, Instyle, Laneige

Actress and singer Suzy is leading in the first position. Suzy was mentioned as star who has the most beautiful and natural face as she appears more than in the screen. In an online community, a fan has gained attention after she told her experience about meeting Suzy in real life that she is more beautiful in person. Kim Tae Hee is in the second position. She is known for her natural and consistent beauty even since before she debuted. She is one of the most beautiful women in Korea. in the third position there is actress Kim Yoo Jung who has been receiving a lot of love since she was a child actress and now she is in the top of her popularity. Kim Yoo Jung has a charming smile and known for her beauty appearances that is more beautiful in person that on the screen.