Choi Jin Hyuk starred in ‘Devilish Joy’ First release in Taiwan “Focusing on China Market”

The newest drama from Choi Jin Hyuk called ‘Devilish Joy’ will be release in Taiwan through various main media such as Aichi, KKTV, Friday, Choco TV and MyVideo. The production team of this drama stated that “the Taiwan viewers respond are full with enthusiasm towards Choi Jin Hyuk’s work, this might be because he has done a lot of works and dramas that has been released in China and has secured a huge fanbase of him here” they said.

image source: G-Tree Company

Choi Jin Hyuk who is very popular in China through his Taiwan remake drama ‘Fated to Love You’ also held his official fanmeeting in Taiwan.

His next drama, ‘Devilish Joy’ tells a story of a man named Gong Ma Sun (Choi Jin Hyuk) who has the short-term memory loss disorder who fill fall in love with the beautiful former popular stars named Joo Gi Pum (Song Ha Yeon).

image source: MBN & Dramax

Drama ‘Devilish Joy’ has captured the viewers attention because this is the first work of Choi Jin Hyuk after his long absence and it will be produces by MBN & Dramax and it will air for the first time in 5th of September at 11pm local time.

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