5 Style Inspirations from Korean Drama’s Female Leads

Korean dramas do not only present interesting and exciting stories. Each actor has a different style of dressing. Due to the differences in weather and needs, not all styles from drama characters can be imitated. However, there are some characters who appear casual, relaxed, and fit to be worn for college or other daily activities.

1. Hong Seol ‘Cheese in the Trap’

Image Source : tvN

This drama focuses on university students. No wonder if the character has a fashion style that is not adventurous. Hong Seol’s hairstyle does look messy, but the clothes that she wears are simple yet fashionable. She loves to wear dress, jeans jackets and boots/sneakers. Wearing a large sized-parka can also be used as an alternative. Hong Seol’s tomboy style is suitable for us who like to look simple yet uncomplicated.

2. Ji Hae Soo ‘It’s Okay That’s Love’

Image Source : SBS

If you’re born with long legs, you can try Ji Hae Soo’s style for outfit inspiration. Ji Hae Soo has a unique casual style. She loves to mix her shirts with culottes, which are very fitting for girls with long legs. Ji Hae Soo also prefer sandals to shoes. To make it neat, tuck the front part of our shirt into the culotte.

3. Song Ma Rin ‘Tomorrow With You’

Image Source : tvN

Song Ma Rin has a slightly feminine style that is still easy to imitate. Her sleeveless dress combined with shirts makes her looks cuter. Song Ma Rin often lets her hair loose. For footwear, she often uses flat shoes to sweeten her appearance.

4. Sung Duk Seon ‘Reply 1988’

Image Source : tvN

Duk Seon’s style is a little bit ‘old school’ as the drama is set in 1988. However, Duk Seon’s boyish style is very fitting for us who likes to dress comfortably. Just put on a plain sweater, high-waisted pants, and a belt, and you’re good to go!

5. Yoon So Ah ‘Bride of the Water God’

Image Source : tvN

Shin Se Kyung plays as Yoon So Ah in ‘Bride of Water God’. In this drama, Shin Se Kyung often does outdoor activities. She often uses plain shirts and blazers of the same color, as well as trousers. To be more comfortable, Yoon So Ah uses loafers or slip-on shoes rather than heels.