‘Top Stars Comebacks’ Lee Jong Suk x Song Hye Kyo x Park Bo Gum x Park Shin Hye, Will they return their honor after two years of absence?

Top stars will be in theaters in the second half of 2018.

Actors Lee Jong Suk, Song Hye Kyo, Park Bo Gum, and Park Shin Hye are the main characters. The four actors left hits that were loved in 2016 including MBC’s ‘W’, KBS2’s ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Moonlight drawn by the cloud’ and SBS’s ‘Doctors’. They are finally returning with new works after two years that has caught the viewers attention.

image source: SBS

Lee Jong Suk will greet the viewers through the SBS single screenplay ‘Hymn of Death’ on Saturday 27 November. ‘Hymn of Death’ tells a tragic love story about Yoon Shim Duk (Shin Hye Sun) and Kim Woo Jin (Lee Jong Suk), the first soprano and his lover and genius playwright. The drama series ‘Hymn of Death’ sheds light on the world’s most tragic love of Yoon Shim Duk and Kim Woo Jin, who recreated the gloomy period into art.

Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum will appear in the new tvN tree drama ‘Boyfriend’ which will air its first broadcast on Wednesday 28 November. ‘Boyfriend’ is a love story between a rich woman named Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) who couldn’t live her life the way she wanted and an ordinary man named Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum) who will meet her in Cuba as they fall in love. They will show a love story between two people who has completely different colors and life.

image source: tvN

The chemistry between Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum in ‘Boyfriend’ has been anticipated by the viewers. Attention is focusing on how attractive Song Hye Kyo the romcom queen and Park Bo Gum the new romcom king will portray their romance in ‘Boyfriend’. Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum also has the same success achievements through their previous works. Song Hye Kyo’s drama, ‘Descendant of the Sun’ that aired in 2016 has received the highest viewers rating record for 38.8% among the other drama that aired in the first half of 2016. Park Bo Gum also successes with his performances in the drama ‘Moonlight drawn by the cloud’ that aired in the second half of the same year.

image source: tvN

While Lee Jong Suk, Song Hye Kyo, and Park Bo Gum will return to the miniseries on weekdays, Park Shin Hye will visit the home theater on weekends. tvN new series that will air every Friday and Saturday ‘Memories of Alhambra’ is the first suspense romance about an AR (augmented reality) game in Korea. this tells story about Yoo Jin-woo (Hyun Bin), the CEO of an investment company who went on a business trip to Granada, Spain and stay at the old hostel run by Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye).