5 Best Korean Body Lotions Recommended by CastKo

Applying body lotions is important to moisturize your skin.

Especially our skin is drier in winter than in summer. We should apply body lotions for moisturizing.
If the skin is not enough to moisturize, the skin barrier loses its strength and absorbs external harmful stimulations.

Hot summer is easy to forget the applying body lotions.
But it’s important to keep your skin moisturized no matter the season. Because in summer, the skin barrier is easy to damage by UV.

Check out our body lotion recommendations that will keep your skin hydrated and without leaving a greasy feeling.

Image Source: KUNDAL

KUNDAL Body Lotion
500ml 16.9 fl. oz

Kundal is famous for having various fragrances.

The specialty perfumers work for There are a total of 39 scents. You can choose to follow your skin type. It is divided between dry and oily skin. Basically, it contains functional ingredients for Anti-aging and brightening.

It is super soft and silky and absorbs quickly into the skin. And large capacity and pump type container make us convenient to use.
Honey and macadamia seed extract help nourishing to dry skin. It contains 82% of Aloe vera extract, it used to calm skin and moisturize.

Image Source: ILLIYOON

ILLIYOON Fresh Moisture Body Lotion
350ml 11.83 Fl Oz

ILLIYOON is a body care products brand for mild and lasing moisture on sensitive and dry skin. That name is “Ato body lotion”.

It is already the best product in the famous Korean drug store.
But this time I want to introduce it for good to use in the summer season.
If you want to know about that please check my new posts later.

This product name is Fresh Moisture Body Lotion.
It’s good to use because its non-sticky texture helps to fast absorption.

The fragrance of Citrus citron is so attractive to use in the summer.
In hot and humid summer, it makes to moisturize and cools the skin.

Especially great source of Vitamin C has anti-aging effects.
*Chemical-free 6 specific materials products (animal materials, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, synthetic coloring agent) are gentle enough for daily use by everybody.

Image Source: DERMA B

DERMA B Fresh Moisture Body Lotion
400ml, 13.5 Fl Oz

It is also very gentle to use for everyone. It is suitable for all skin types.
I think the most important thing that is suitable to use in summer is absorption. It has quick absorption with deep moisture.

It is a light gel-type with a watery essence texture.
If you couldn’t endure the sticky and rich cream texture, it’s good for you.
Infused with glacier water, broccoli extract, and hyaluronic acid helps attract moisture to the skin and calm.

The natural deo complex from Bamboo and Diospyros Kaki Leaf extract is for odor care in summer, so you feel free from unpleasant odors.

This is a special tip for using: Before you use it, let’s keep it in a cool place for effect the cooling and calm your skin


Cica Care Ato Plan Body Lotion
500ml 16.9 Fl Oz

This item is a vegan cosmetic. The name of it “CICA” is a very famous extract from Centella.

It helps to recover sensitive and wounded skin.

That is why these days this material is very well used in cosmetics.
Ceramide and Centella Asiatica Extract are the main ingredients. They are infused with moisture with a cream-type texture.

Moisturizing our body is a good way to care for corneous.

And It has no scent. So you can keep your own body fragrance.
Gentle and no irritation to your skin. It can be used as an all-in-one cream for your face to foot.

Image Source: BIOTHERM

Eau Vitaminee Perfumed Body Milk
400ml 13.5oz

Moisturizing body milk with a light and refreshing texture. Leaves the fresh fragrance with citrus fruits. Some people use it as a perfume because of its great fragrance.

It’s not sticky and light texture, so good to use in summer. It contains ceramide, panthenol, and vitamin E.
They help to defend moisture against loss from the skin.

Image Source: BIOTHERM

It’s good to use in the summer season.
But I think in the case of the people who are very dry, this is not enough to use in winter.
Because I feel the moisturizing effect was a little lack for me who is very dry skin. It has its own line of body products like body mist and shower gel.
If you think it’s suited to your skin try to use the same line of products.