Learning Korean from “Memorable Dialog” Drama ‘Goblin’ (Part. 9)

Korean Dialog: 난 그대의 삼촌이었다가 형제였다가 아들이었다가 손자가 될 사람이다. 잘 부탁한다. 도깨비, 김신 (공유)

Romanized Dialog: Nan Geudaeui Samchonieotdaga Hyeongjeyotdaga Adeulieotdaga Sonjaga Doel Saramida. Jal Butakhanda. Dokkaebi, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo)

English: I am the one who will be your uncle, and then brother, son, and grandson for you. Please cooperate. Goblin, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo)

Image source: tvN
Image source: tvN


삼촌 – Samchon – Uncle

형제 – Hyeongjae – Brother

아들 – Adeul – Son

손자 – Sonja – Grandson

사람 – Saram – One/Person

잘 부탁하다 – Jal Butakhada – Please cooperate

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